Learning Programs & Coaching Interventions

Flagship Programs
Our flagship programs help organizations build inclusive cultures focussing on Women & LGBT+ communities. Our Take Charge© programs enable women leaders to build competence and confidence needed to grow their careers. These programs are delivered face-to-face and via virtual classroom sessions. Our programs for Women Leaders is based on our 6C Competency Model.

  • Leadership Transformation: Challenging Mindsets that Limit Growth
  • Building a Strategic Mindset
  • Stand-up and Standout - Executive Presence for Women Leaders
  • Taking Calculated Risks
  • Strategic Networking and Navigating the Workplace
  • Communicating Achievements – Bragging with Grace for Impact
  • Personal Branding Makeover
  • Generating and Socializing Ideas to Garner Support
  • Overcoming Self-limiting Beliefs & Building a Growth Mindset
  • Building Career Resilience
  • Creating Balance - Achieving Personal and Professional Balance
  • Managing and Negotiating Expectations
  • Engaging Women Before, During, and After Breaks·
    • Navigating Biases around Motherhood and Working
    • Come back with Confidence
  • Building Self-Confidence by Showcasing your Competence and Expertise
  • Increasing your Influence through Collaborative Networking
  • Build Career Resilience through Personal-Professional Balance
  • Building Visibility
  • The Art of Casual Conversations for Leaders
  • Mastering Public Speaking

Flagship Programs
Programs for Leaders, Managers & Colleagues​

  • Challenging unconscious bias to reap the benefits of inclusion for Leaders and People Managers
  • Inclusion – The critical new-age leadership competency
  • Amplifying and Advocating Careers
  • Mindset shifts to build inclusive teams
  • Institutionalising best practices of inclusive managers
  • Leveraging the Potential of Diverse Teams
  • Being an Effective Ally
  • Creating an inclusive and welcoming Workplace
  • Cultivating Inclusion by Embracing Equity
  • Understanding and Overcoming Micro-inequities and Microaggressions
  • Building Allyship for Gender Diversity & LGBTQ+​