Meet our Team

Diversity Dialogs has been founded by Rosita Rabindra and Sangeeta Murthi Sahgal, whose experience in business and operations brings unique perspectives to organizational change. They have also lead the HR function and large scale diversity and inclusion initiatives in global corporations.

Rosita Rabindra


Rosita is a co-founder of Diversity Dialogs. Prior to this she has over three decades of diverse work experience and has had the unique opportunity of working with NIIT and NIIT Technologies Ltd from its inception.

Her ability to understand an emerging Industry, develop successful strategies, build goal-oriented teams, create and nurture a high-performance culture enabled her to become the Chief People Officer of NIIT Technologies. Her unique experience in Sales & Marketing and in leading a profit centre prior to moving to HR gave her in-depth understanding of business which helped her to create impactful HR strategies and interventions. Under her leadership NIIT Technologies has won several accolades for its People Practices, the most significant recognition being ranked first by the American Society of Training and Development.

Rosita also served as the Secretary of the NRC and CSR Committee of the Board of Directors of NIIT Technologies.

Sangeeta is co-founder of Diversity Dialogs. Prior to this she was Director-HR, Bausch + Lomb, and has over 30 years of experience across functions like P&L Management, operations, training, and HR.

She has managed and integrated large global teams to meet both specific and soft targets. Her experience as a P&L and Operating Leader has enabled her to bring new perspectives to HR challenges ensuring that HR has a “seat at the table” in all business decisions.

Sangeeta has also worked on developing and implementing diversity & inclusion initiatives and programs in organizations such as Genpact, TiE, and Bausch + Lomb.

Sangeeta served on GE’s Global Learning Board of Directors (Crotonville, NY) from 2002 to 2005.

She is passionate about crafting custom interventions and works with organisations to improve the inclusion of LGBTQ+, people-with-disabilities & generations.